(Interviews between the two conferences) Representatives of "post-90s" migrant workers: With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the employment of migrant workers should be more "precise"

  China News Agency, Kunming, May 20 Telegram title: "Post-90s" Migrant Workers Representative: Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the employment of migrant workers should be more "precise"

  China News Agency reporter Hu Yuanhang

  "Migrant workers are one of the groups most affected by the epidemic, and one of the groups with the largest flow after resumption of production. Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the resumption of employment of migrant workers should be more 'precise'." Entering the Great Hall of the People, Yuan Haibo, the NPC deputy and the "post-90s" labor broker, still chose to speak for migrant workers.

  Yuan Haibo was also a migrant worker. In 2010, in order to reduce the burden on the family, he left his hometown of Yunnan in Yunnan province and went to work in Yiwu, Zhejiang. Later, he grew from an assembly line employee to the chairman of the enterprise union. At the beginning of the year, he quit his job in Zhejiang and founded his own labor service company to find jobs for migrant workers.

  But this new business began, and encountered a new outbreak of pneumonia. "This Spring Festival, everyone is unsettled. Everywhere one after another" closing cities "and" closing villages ", the migrant workers 'brothers are also worried about losing their jobs." Yuan Haibo said, according to previous years, the migrant workers' brothers would Have embarked on the train to return to work. But this year, everyone is delayed for more than one month.

  As a labor broker, Yuan Haibo escorted the earliest batch of 101 migrant workers from his hometown from Qujing to Yiwu. "To help the folks return to work safely, the government opened special cars and trains to escort everyone on a point-to-point basis." Speaking of the "Guardian Journey" on February 20, Yuan Haibo still remembers many "hard core" measures. 2000 kilometers, 36 hours drive, we distribute masks and other epidemic prevention items for each migrant worker, regularly check the body temperature, and always pay attention to everyone's physical condition. "

  Including more than 800 migrant workers escorted by Yuan Haibo, hundreds of millions of migrant workers returned to the city and resumed their work to overcome difficulties. They also reflected China's system advantages and service innovation. After successfully arriving in Yiwu, a villager said to Yuan Haibo, "I have been out to work for more than ten years, and I never expected to enjoy such a 'one-stop service'."

  However, Yuan Haibo also pointed out: After the epidemic, some small enterprises suffered from shortage of funds, high rent pressure, and difficulty in resuming work to resume the market. Affected by the overseas epidemic situation, foreign trade companies also encountered difficulties such as reduced orders and shrinking markets. This puts many migrant workers returning to work facing the risk of unemployment.

  "In April, when I was investigating in Yiwu, Ningbo and other places, I found that some migrant workers were suspended due to a sharp decrease in factory orders. Fortunately, this phenomenon started to improve a week ago." Yuan Haibo suggested that the government increase its support for micro-enterprises , Actively guide everyone to transform and upgrade, and overcome difficulties.

  At the same time, Yuan Haibo also noticed that under the epidemic, the contradiction between difficulty in recruiting and difficulty in employment became more apparent.

  "On the one hand, some factories struggle to recruit people, on the other hand, some migrant workers cannot find jobs." Yuan Haibo believes that under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the employment of migrant workers needs to be more precise. On the one hand, the relevant departments should adjust the employment structure of migrant workers in a targeted manner according to market demand, such as guiding migrant workers from the offline production end to the online logistics and distribution end; on the one hand, they should provide more targeted for migrant workers Vocational skills training to cope with the rebound in employment demand that may occur after the epidemic has stabilized.

  At the two sessions this year, Yuan Haibo will also submit "Suggestions on Helping to Solve the Difficulties of Loans in the Process of Migrant Workers Returning to Their Hometowns and Entrepreneurship", suggesting that they expand the scope of applying for loan guarantee property, solve the problem of the lack of effective collateral for migrant workers, and deal with migrant workers returning home Loans are given discounts and other support.

  "Affected by the epidemic, many migrant workers choose to stay in their hometowns. I hope to introduce more preferential policies to help them find employment and entrepreneurship." Yuan Haibo said. (Finish)