Carlos Ghosn leak: two alleged accomplices arrested in the United States

Former Renault-Nissan president Carlos Ghosn at a press conference at the Lebanese Press Syndicate in Beirut, January 8, 2020. REUTERS / Mohamed Azakir

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The investigation continues around the escape of Carlos Ghosn from Japan. On Wednesday May 20, two men were arrested in the United States. They are suspected of having helped the former boss of Renault-Nissan to escape Japanese justice on December 29. Carlos Ghosn, who is now a refugee in Lebanon, was accused of several financial embezzlements.


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From our correspondent in New York,

The arrests took place Wednesday morning in Boston, Massachusetts. Michael Taylor, 59, and son Peter, 27, are presented as the alleged accomplices of Carlos Ghosn.

With the help of a third man, they would have planned and carried out the plan which allowed the former boss of Renault-Nissan to extract himself from Japanese justice and take refuge in Lebanon.

Investigators say Carlos Ghosn met Peter Taylor at least three times before December 29. It would then be Michael Taylor and the Lebanese Georges-Antoine Zayek who would have extracted it from a hotel hidden in large slush funds. At the airport, they allegedly explained to the employees that they were musicians before boarding a private jet without the boxes being checked.

Former member of the American special forces, Michael Taylor specializes in extraction missions. He notably advised the New York Times when one of their journalists was kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Japanese justice had issued an arrest warrant against him and his son Peter two weeks ago. The police decided to arrest them because Peter intended to fly to Lebanon on Wednesday. The two are expected to remain in custody pending a possible extradition to Japan.

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