2020, this special historical coordinate, has caused countless expectations, but because of a sudden new coronary pneumonia epidemic, it has changed the direction.

  As the first country to face the epidemic, after stubborn struggle and huge sacrifices, China has effectively curbed the spread of the virus. Behind the sudden epidemic raid and tackling the tide is the historic choice made by China's top leader Xi Jinping based on the "people first", an unprecedented mobilization in the history of global public health.

  In the epidemic in which 1.4 billion people participated, Xi Jinping personally commanded and deployed personally, and the unusually many details brushed the network, which was impressive. These pictures are engraved on the annual rings of memory and in the hearts of countless people.

Wuhan "closing the city"-strategic decision made by Xi Jinping himself

  In order to stop the spread of the epidemic, in the early hours of January 23, on the eve of New Year's Eve and the new year approaching, Wuhan, known as the "Nine Provinces", announced that it would close the Lihan Channel from 10:00 on that day.

  Controlling the movement of people in a city with a population of tens of millions is unprecedented in the world and unprecedented!

  According to reports, this was a strategic decision that Xi Jinping personally made on January 22. He emphasized: "It takes a lot of political courage to make this decision, but it must be shot when it is shot, otherwise it will be unstoppable and counter-inflicted."

  "People's lives are heavier than Mount Tai! As long as they are responsible for the lives of the people, then all costs and consequences must be borne." Xi Jinping's words were loud and loud.

  From midwinter to early summer, China's epidemic prevention and control have been stable and improving. Looking back now, Wuhan's "closing the city" is the key move.

"New Year's Eve I can't sleep at night"

  On January 25, the New Year's Day, Zhongnanhai Huairentang, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting.

  "I wanted to make everyone have a good year. The epidemic situation is urgent now, so I have to call everyone together to study and deploy this issue." Xi Jinping said solemnly, "I can't sleep at night on New Year's Eve."

  It was at this meeting that the Party Central Committee made a series of major decisions: the establishment of the Central Leading Group for Epidemic Response Work, the dispatch of a steering group to Hubei and other epidemic-stricken areas, and Hubei Province ’s centralized isolation and treatment of all patients, etc.

  The situation is critical and cannot be delayed. A magnificent people's war, overall war, and resistance war started quickly!

"If there is any situation in the guidance group, if there is any need, you can call and talk to me directly."

  On January 27, the third day of the New Year's Day, a central guidance group composed of members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier Sun Chunlan and responsible comrades from a number of relevant ministries and commissions arrived in Wuhan to conduct field supervision and warfare.

  "If there is any situation and need in the guidance group, you can call me directly."

  Xi Jinping was concerned about the epidemic situation in Hubei and Wuhan day and night, and gave hundreds of important instructions to the central guidance group one after another, which provided a fundamental guide for effectively guiding the prevention and control of the epidemic situation. He disclosed on February 23 that he gave verbal instructions and instructions every day.

"Don't shake hands during extraordinary times!"

  To confront the epidemic situation, Xi Jinping personally commanded and deployed it personally, and conducted in-depth field inspections and investigations in the field of anti-epidemic on many occasions, constantly adjusting strategies and tactics in response to different stages of the epidemic.

  At a critical moment when national epidemic prevention and control entered a state of stalemate, on February 10, Xi Jinping surveyed and guided epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing. During this period, he wore a mask, entered the room to actively measure body temperature, and instantly swiped the screen online. Some commentators said that Xi Jinping's demonstration of protection at a special moment conveyed signals and determination.

  "Don't shake hands during extraordinary times!" Xi Jinping said to them in the community who went out to buy vegetables. "We must be confident that we can overcome this epidemic!"

  The special greetings during the extraordinary period and the special demonstrations during the special period attracted countless netizens to praise-"Although there is no handshake, but the hands are connected; although the distance is separated, the hearts are connected."

At the hardest time, a rare meeting attended by 170,000 people

  "Economic society is a dynamic circulatory system that cannot be shut down for a long time." On February 23, the epidemic prevention and control situation in China showed a positive trend, but the prevention and control situation was still a severe and complicated "most strenuous stage", the Great Hall of the People In the East Hall, a special video and telephone conference was held-a plan meeting to coordinate the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development.

  "Under the premise of ensuring that epidemic prevention and control are in place, promote the resumption of production and production of enterprises and institutions in key non-epidemic prevention and control areas, and restore the order of production and life." Xi Jinping used five "relationships" to indicate relationship.

  Faced with 170,000 county-level cadres at or above the county level, Xi Jinping said: "After the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, how to integrate forces and fight the epidemic in a relatively short period of time is a great challenge; after the epidemic situation slows down, how It is also a great challenge to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and resume production and production. "

"Come on, let's persevere!"

  At a critical moment in the fight against the epidemic, Xi Jinping went to the decisive battle in Wuhan, Hubei Province on March 10 to investigate the epidemic prevention and control work.

  At this time, it has been 48 days since the "Fengcheng" of Wuhan. During his inspection, Xi Jinping said that it was precisely because of the sacrifice and dedication of the Wuhan people, and the persistence and efforts of the Wuhan people, that there was a positive trend in the prevention and control of the epidemic today, "Wuhan is worthy of being a hero, the Wuhan people People who deserve to be heroes will surely be recorded in history again by winning this fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic! The party and the people thank the people of Wuhan! "

  In the community of Donghu New City in Wuhan, residents who lived upstairs in isolation saw Xi Jinping coming, and protruded their heads from the balcony and windows, waving hello to the general secretary, and some shook the national flag and shouted: "Come on China! Come on Wuhan! "Xi Jinping stopped from time to time and smiled and waved to everyone:" Come on, cheer up! "

  When communicating with everyone in the community, Xi Jinping said, "I know that everyone is pinching their fingers." "Although the epidemic situation in Wuhan is gradually improving, but generally speaking, there is no time to relax. This is a A people ’s war requires the confidence of all the people and solidarity in the same boat. Persistence is victory. Please persevere again! "

The key is to watch the Zhoushan Port in the rain

  On March 29, Xi Jinping visited Zhejiang Zhoushan Port, the first stop of his inspection trip to Zhejiang, and ranked first in the world in terms of cargo throughput for 11 consecutive years. He also took a bus to the No. 2 container berth in Chuanshan Port District, and took a rain to inspect the container operation scene at the terminal to understand the port operation. Xi Jinping said that Ningbo Zhoushan Port took the lead in resuming production, which is of great significance for promoting the resumption of production and production of Chinese enterprises, restoring the logistics system, and restoring the global industrial chain.

  The port is an important link in the supply chain and industrial chain, and it can be said to be the key to ensure the smooth flow of the global "two chains".

  During this inspection in Zhejiang, the first stop came to the port and inspected the pier under the rain. They all showed that China will not only effectively and orderly promote the resumption of production and production, speed up the expansion of the area, promote the resumption of the entire industrial chain, but also strive to keep the international supply chain smooth Ensure the normal development of various economic and trade activities.

50 + 1, high-frequency "telephone diplomacy"

  "50 + 1", the number counted by the media, is the number of times Xi Jinping has carried out "telephone diplomacy" since the war. In the past 4 months, Xi Jinping has 51 telephone calls, spanning Wanshui and Qianshan. Among them, 50 calls were made with leaders of other countries, and one call with the Secretary-General of the United Nations. "Phone diplomacy" has become one of the important forms of diplomacy by the Chinese head of state.

  During the special period, the leaders talked again and again, setting up a bridge of interaction and communication between China and the international community.

  At the most critical moment of the Chinese epidemic, the international community has expressed warmth and goodwill and stood with the Chinese people. When the epidemic situation slows down, China will do all it can to provide assistance within its ability to the international community.

  The mountains and rivers are exotic, the wind and the moon are on the same day, and the whole world is hot and cold. In the face of the epidemic, we can only join hands to overcome it.

  Author: Ma Xueling

  Drawing: Zhang Jianyuan

  Source: Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Daily, Study Group, etc.

  Photo source: China News Service, Xinhua News Agency