• School: mobilization restarts from precarious workers, strike on 17 March
  • School: agreement to save temporary workers, 24 thousand in chair since 2020


May 19, 2020 Free way to hire 4,500 precarious teachers: Education Minister Lucia Azzolina today signed the ministerial decree to fill the places vacated last year following the retirements of the so-called 'Quota 100'.

"A path that began in the autumn during the approval of the school decree in Parliament finally closes - comments Minister Lucia Azzolina -. A battle that I personally led to do justice to all those teachers who were entitled to obtain those places, but not them they had because they weren't made available for hiring in 2019. " These are teachers who will be hired from the exhaustion rankings and from those of the old competitions still in force. "It is good news for the school - underlines the Minister - and for many precarious teachers who are now finally stabilized. We had 6,500 places available, we could only assign 4,500 because there were not enough profiles to take on from the valid rankings This shows that we need to make new competitions to have new rankings to draw from, especially in secondary school ".