“If the government’s decree initially contained clear, understandable, transparent, easily controlled principles and ways to bring these presidential payments for work in special conditions, then there would be fewer questions for these head doctors who work from morning till night, and to the governors too, ”the head of state said during the meeting.

As the president noted, then “there would be no need to amend” the relevant government decree.

“It's good that they did it, but there’s no need to shift anything onto anyone,” Putin added.

At the beginning of the meeting, Putin noted that, according to information available to him, by the end of last week, not all doctors fighting the coronavirus received money.

“True, over the past two to three days, even yesterday, the situation has changed in the right, right direction. Hope to hear your reports today. And in a number of constituent entities of the Federation, unfortunately, they did not pay at all the funds that were discussed at our meetings. And certainly not the ones I ordered to pay to medical workers, ”he added.

As the president emphasized, everyone who participated in the fight against coronavirus and was injured from the very beginning should receive insurance payments.

According to the Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, more than 30 thousand doctors and over 77 thousand medical staff received presidential payments.

The head of the ministry added that the payment was received by 17 thousand 347 junior medical workers, as well as 21 thousand 355 ambulance drivers.