In Belgium, medical staff protested against Prime Minister Corona19's response.

It is quiet without a single sound, but it gives a strong resonance.

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It is a hospital in Brussels, Belgium on the 16th.

Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes came in and the doctors and nurses on either side turned back, one by one.

From the entrance to the hospital, the medical staff who followed the road all the way literally turned their backs to the prime minister.

This was a sign of anger and protests against the Prime Minister's response to Corona19.

It is quiet to see the medical staffs turn one by one while wearing a mask, but it delivers a message more seriously than any other action.

In Belgium, with more than 50,000 confirmed corona19 and 9,000 fatalities, criticism continues that authorities have failed to respond early.

Particularly, medical workers at the forefront of the response demanded staffing and equipment recruitment and salary increases, but the Belgian government recruited unqualified nurses, and medical workers' complaints are growing.

The netizens said, "I can feel the anger without any sound." "Cold and cold ... I cried already if I was the prime minister."

(Source: YouTube Guardian News)