(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) More than 70 confirmed cases of French schools in the week of "unblocking", more than one school closed for epidemic prevention

  China News Agency, Paris, May 18 (Reporter Li Yang) A week after the “unblocking” was launched in France on the 18th local time, French schools have confirmed 70 cases of new coronavirus infection, and many of these schools have been closed to prevent and control the outbreak.

  French Minister of Education Blanche revealed that many schools affected by confirmed cases will be closed immediately. The closed schools are located in various parts of France. Bronguet said the move was intended to show that French schools have strict anti-epidemic measures.

  Browne did not specify whether the 70 confirmed cases were found among students or teachers. He said that given the incubation period of the new coronavirus for several days, these patients were "probably" infected before the school reopened.

  Bronguet said the school resumption plan has not changed. He believes that infections are inevitable, and the number of confirmed cases is still small. In his view, the consequences of the school's suspension of the resumption plan are "more serious." Bronguet said that in addition to the risk of dropping out of school, hundreds of thousands of primary and secondary school students also face considerable psychological and health damage. He said that currently 70% of students continue to receive education through distance learning.

  France has reopened about 40,000 kindergarten schools and elementary schools since the “unblocking” was initiated on the 11th, with a maximum of 15 students per class. From the 18th, the "green area", which is less affected by the virus, will be reopened to junior high school, and another 150,000 students will return to school to resume classes.

  In addition, the French media also disclosed the specific circumstances of the first child who died of Kawasaki-like disease in France on the 18th. The 9-year-old child was sent to the hospital in Marseille to be rescued but died in the end. Because the child had been infected with the new coronavirus, French researchers believe that Kawasaki-like disease may be associated with the new coronavirus.

  The number of deaths from French new coronary pneumonia rose to 28,239 on the 18th, with 131 new deaths in a single day. French inpatients and critically ill patients slowly dropped to 19015 and 1998 respectively. (Finish)