(Fighting against New Crown Pneumonia) Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines: During the epidemic, Chinese companies saved the family life of 40,000 Philippine employees

  China News Agency, Manila, May 19 (Reporter Guan Xiangdong) Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian published a signed article on the 19th, "The Green Mountain and the Cloud Rain, the Mingyue Was Two Townships-Chinese-funded Enterprises Fighting Epidemic Diseases and Writing China-Philippine Partnership in the New Period" . According to the article, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in the Philippines, Chinese-funded enterprises in the Philippines have taken active actions. According to incomplete statistics, during the epidemic, more than 40,000 local employees ’families have been kept in their basic lives, and they have written an important chapter of China-Philippines partnership in the new period.

  According to the article, at present, the number of confirmed cases of employees in Chinese companies in the Philippines is zero, and there is no cluster of suspected infections. During the epidemic, Chinese companies in the Philippines made protecting their employees ’health a top priority. After the outbreak in China in January, Chinese-funded enterprises in the Philippines established a 14-day quarantine system for returnees. After the Philippine epidemic in March, the local government's community isolation measures were strictly implemented, and sufficient epidemic prevention and living materials were purchased. The Association of Chinese-funded Enterprises has launched an emergency and epidemic prevention material reserve to provide emergency assistance to high-risk enterprises and assist organizations in the procurement of epidemic prevention materials. All enterprises closely monitor the health status of employees and implement a "zero report" for daily epidemic situations and a timely reporting system for important situations.

  Since the outbreak of the Philippine epidemic, Chinese-funded enterprises have donated money and materials to pass on the love from the Chinese people to the people most in need. At present, Chinese companies in the Philippines such as State Grid, Bank of China, Panhua Group, China Xinke, China Power Construction, China Road and Bridge, China Railway Design, China Geology, China Construction, China Energy Construction, Qingjian Company, etc. Donated nearly 3 million pieces of anti-epidemic medical materials, and donated various kinds of living materials and donations worth nearly ten million pesos. In addition, the Philippine NGCP company with State Grid shares donated 1 billion pesos to the Philippine government, China Telecom ’s Philippine DITO company donated 375,000 kilograms of rice to the local government, Zhejiang Dahua company donated the camera temperature measurement system to the Philippines, Huawei company Bi Yao City Hospital provides technical support for remote CT diagnosis and treatment system.

  Some international Chinese companies have also reached out to the Philippines. Among them, the Alibaba Mayun Foundation donated 107,000 reagents and 500,000 medical masks to the Philippines, and Tik Tok donated to the Philippine General Hospital Medical Foundation. One million US dollars, 51talk donated 5.25 million pesos anti-epidemic materials and so on. Shengxiang Biology and Huada Gene actively protect the Philippine procurement needs, and specially sent a technical team to the Philippines to provide personnel training, equipment debugging and technical support, which strongly supported the Philippines' anti-epidemic work.

  During the period of community isolation, Chinese-funded enterprises in the Philippines, such as telecommunications, power, banking, and other basic services, ensured operations. Chinese companies such as Fiber Home and Huawei, as the main communications service providers in the Philippines, assist owners to ensure smooth network telecommunications; NGCP, which is a shareholding company of the State Grid, insists on normal operation to ensure the power supply; Bank of China provides basic deposits And foreign exchange business; Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and other Chinese airlines insist on office work during home isolation, and work overtime and overtime to deal with ticket flight changes and other matters.

  During the outbreak, Chinese-funded enterprises in the Philippines treated Chinese and Philippine employees equally, equipped with protective equipment, paid 13 wages to Philippine employees, and paid basic wages and epidemic subsidies to local employees who were suspended at home. Enterprises such as New Hope also specially distributed life supplies such as rice and eggs for Filipino employees to help them overcome difficulties. The Chinese-funded enterprises that are continuing the construction arrange for local employees and Chinese employees to share meals and live together on the project to isolate them.

  Huang Xilian said: In the face of the epidemic, the common enemy of all mankind, unity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons. In the process of fighting the epidemic together, China and the Philippines have fully demonstrated the new era partnership of mutual help and solidarity. China will remain firmly with the Philippine people until it finally defeats the epidemic. (Finish)