There is now a record demand for renting summer cottages. When there is no more than very limited access to foreign holidays during the summer holidays, people's eyes have turned to domestic tourism.

For example, searches on summer cottages on Nettimö have increased dramatically compared to a year ago.

- We are really looking for summer cottages now, the demand is strong. Now it is worth activating at the latest, if you want to go to the cottage in the summer, emphasizes Sebastian Lagerlöf, who is responsible for the sale of Nettimö, which rents about 3,100 summer cottages.

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Laura Kuusela, Marketing Manager at, says the same. About 6,500 cottages are for rent in

- Last week we had 76,000 different Finns looking for a summer cottage, and last year's record week was 56,000, Kuusela says.

- If we talk about browsing times, there were more than 677,000 of them in Tor last week, which is more than twice as much as in the corresponding period in 2019. Usually, the peak of browsing has been at the beginning of June, but this year already in May we have browsed more than a year ago to that peak time, Kuusela adds.

The strong demand for summer cottages has brought with it the downside of a market economy: rental prices have also bounced upwards. According to Lagerlöf, the average weekly rental request in Nettimö's service has risen by more than ten percent and is currently about 800 euros.

With a holiday tire, the weekly prices are in line with the normal time, there is no decrease or increase in prices due to the interest rate crisis.

Located on the shores of Lake Isojärvi in ​​Multia, the 107-square-meter cottage is top-equipped. The cottage has e.g. underfloor heating, storage fireplace, dishwashers and washing machines, CD and DVD players, internet access and a rowing boat on the beach. The weekly price of the cottage varies between 1104 and 1649 euros. It is already booked for practically the whole summer.


The key factors in determining the rental price are the location of the cottage and its level of equipment.

However, the final rental price is determined by the law of supply and demand. The weekly rent for cottages in the best and most idyllic locations is always higher than for cottages in remote areas.

- Location is the most relevant selection criterion for the cottage. It affects how far the cottage is located from home. Now it can be noticed that the cottages in the vicinity are interesting, says Juha Purhonen, the business director of Lomarengas Oy, which rents about 4,000 cottages.

How does one who offers his summer cottage for rent get the best price for his cottage?

Ilta-Sanomat compiled a six-item list of the main selling points of rental summer cottages:

1. Good photos

The answer to all the cottage rental services interviewed by IS is crystal clear: good and clear photos are the most important factor.

Photos create images of a cottage holiday. Located on Punkaharju, this cottage offers beautiful lake views of Pihlajavesi.


- Renting a summer cottage is a matter of imagination, ie the photos are everything aa and oo, Purhonen says.

2. Introductory text

Next, the most important is a good introductory text, which together with the photos makes the rental announcement as clear and informative as possible and arouses the tenant's interest.

- Above all, it is important for the announcement to correspond to reality, Kuusela reminds.

3. Cleanliness

The cottage should be kept clean and in good condition: clean regularly and make small repairs and surface repairs immediately and not leave corners to hang. This is how the cottage looks attractive.

- It is important to keep the cottage clean and in tiptop condition. If you get good customer feedback, for example in comment chains, you are already marketing yourself, Purhonen adds.

4. Equipment level

Purhonen says that the greatest demand is for well-equipped basic cottages with the equipment of a basic detached house: there is electricity, running water, inland water, a television and a washing machine and dishwasher.

- People would rather go on holiday than to an ascetic work camp to cut logs and carry water, Purhonen describes.

5. Other activity

The cottage should be attractively equipped with a variety of activities - they can also be rented, for example, at an additional cost. In addition, you can gather a varied list of what can be done in the immediate area and why it is worth traveling to this particular cottage.

- This can lead to a choice, even if the price is tougher, if the attraction of the property is higher, Aleksi Piiroinen from VS Brokerage says.

Many summer cottages have a rowing boat. In many cases, for example, an outboard motor can be rented for a separate fee.

Photo: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

6. Keywords

If it is possible to add keywords to the rental advertisement, it is worth doing so.

Kuusela says that in's cottage and holiday home rental service, most searches have been made with the words Kuusamo, Savonlinna, Mikkeli, Lieksa, Rovaniemi, Kuopio, Kitee and Inari.

The summer cottage rental business seems to be recovering well from the spring knockout caused by the coronavirus. The summer cottage rental business suffered a loss of revenue of several million euros when people canceled their bookings.

The fast-paced summer cottage enthusiasm seats the fierce financial shock of spring comfortably.

- Finnish booking spikes replace cancellations made by foreigners. It is clearly noticeable that people's measure of being in an ordinary home is starting to be full, and a rental cottage is not a bad option, Purhonen says.

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- If this goes like this and there is no second wave of the coronavirus, this could still be a good and matter-of-fact year, Purhonen predicts.

The summer cottages offered for rent have a big price tag. At its cheapest, the cottage can be used for less than 300 euros a week, and the most expensive villa-style summer apartments can cost almost 3,000 euros a week.

The price is significantly affected by the location of the cottage, the level of equipment of the cottage, whether the cottage is by the water or far from the beach and how many overnight places there are in the cottage.

The vast majority of summer cottage renters want a cottage that has its own shoreline, that is, a direct connection to the water. The Greater Saimaa area is very popular, but there is also demand for other lake or sea landscapes.

- Water is a very important thing, Juha Purhonen, Business Director of Lomarengas Oy, confirms.

The summer house, sauna and bathing are an integral part of each other.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

As a result, a basic cottage on dry land is usually available for less than 500 euros a week. For as little as 300 euros, you can get some cottages, but then you have usually returned to the roots of the cottage in an electric and waterless cottage.

The most popular type of cottage is a well-equipped summer cottage by the water. Depending on the level of equipment, a cottage with a sauna for 4–8 people usually has to pay 700–1,000 euros per week. More modestly equipped beach cottages are available for EUR 500 per week.

If you want the luxury of your life, you can rent a villa-style summer home, but it costs money. The weekly price of well-equipped villa-style summer apartments, mainly for more than 8 people, is from 1,000 euros upwards to almost 3,000 euros.

- Depends, of course, on what is a luxury for someone. For some it is the location, for others the spaciousness, the equipment of the cottage, the beach sauna, the lot or hobbies, Purhonen adds.