In the UK, a research project is under way to allow dogs to detect corona19 virus using the 'smell'.

Foreigners, including the Guardian, reported on Wednesday that local researchers at the University of London's School of Health and Tropical Sciences are training medical detection dogs to screen out patients before symptoms of corona19 appear.

How to train dogs with medical detection dogs and use odors to find diseases has already been successfully studied in some cancer diseases, including prostate cancer, malaria and Parkinson's disease. When the 'discovery of disease' using medical detection dogs had a real effect, the researchers searched for a way to mobilize the senses of medical detection dogs even in the prevention of corona19.

There are six medical detection dogs participating in this study, including Labrador and Cocker Spaniel breeds. The dogs will first smell the Corona 19 patient 'sampling samples' provided by several hospitals in London, and then they will be trained to find out the samples of Corona 19 patients from among the randomly placed samples. It is known that trained medical detection dogs can 'check up' up to 250 patients per hour.

These research methods are based on medical knowledge that changes in body odor appear in patients with respiratory diseases. Professor James Logan, who led the study, said, "If a successful result comes out, there will be a revolution in the way the virus is screened. We expect a lot more people will be able to get it out of the virus."

The UK government, which recognized the value of the research project, supported a research fund of 500,000 pounds and about 750 million won in Korean money. "We will soon be able to learn how to discern the 'smell' of Corona 19 and receive practical training in the medical field," said the researchers.

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