Rumors of Spanish star Fernando Alonson, 38, returning to the F1 series are accelerating day by day. Alonso is expected to return to the royal class of motorsport as the driver of his former employer Renault for the 2021 season.

McLaren team boss Zak Brown takes Alonso's transfer to Renault for granted, especially for Renault.

Brown has the vision to comment on Alonso’s affairs, as he previously served as Alonso’s boss when the Spaniard competed with McLaren.

- I would put him in the car if I ran a Renault business. He’s a big name and as fast as any other driver. He has previously won two world championships with them, so a common history can be found.

- From Renault's point of view, he would be the obvious choice, Brown said according to SkySports F1.

Zak Brown scorn Fernando Alonso's situation.

Photo: Anton Vaganov / Reuters

Brown mentioned talking to Alonso recently. He had been left with the impression that Alonso had not yet decided on his future.

Brown estimates that Renault's competitiveness in particular is a cause for concern, ie whether the stable will offer a fast enough car for a Spanish who knows his value.

The future of Renault in F1 also raises questions. The general upheaval in the automotive industry with its electric cars and the financial worries caused by the corona could have a surprising effect on Renault’s plans.

According to Auto Hebdo, Alonso and Renault have already signed a preliminary agreement. Alonso won two consecutive World Championships in France and 2005.

He moved from the Renault team to McLaren for the 2007 season, but returned to Renault for the 2008-2009 seasons. That period is also remembered for one of the worst cases in F1 history.

The then Renault driver Nelson Piquet Jr. deliberately drove out at the 2008 Singapore GP to improve Alonso’s chances of winning. Alonso won the race.

It later emerged that Piquet Jr. had acted in accordance with the regulations of the stable management.

Alonso last drove an F1 car in the 2018 season, when he was just at McLaren with Zak Brown. Since then, Alonso has raced on U.S. tracks, the Dakar Rally, and a 24-hour run at Le Mans, among others.