Did you feel the quake in the Kiruna mine? What happened to you and what did you think? Comment in our chat.

Direct Report · Did you notice the quake in Kiruna?


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1 min09.53

Woke up by a bang and heard a blurry murmur under the house which, like "rolled away. Unpleasant as a thousand. Lives at the cemetery.


4 min09.50

We woke up that our sliding doors were shaking, really uncomfortable 😯. Hard to fall asleep.


4 min09.50

Woke up by the whole house and the bed rocking. China chirped and things fell down. However, big blasts usually feel more when we live near then the phone jumps on the bedside table. Looked at fb that photographer rebecca lundh had a sound recording of the quake.


4 min09.50

Woke up and thought that the bed was broken that one leg in the bed went off
I Kurravaara

Jukka Kähkönen

6 min09.48

Even though I live 5-6km from the mine, I woke up 3:11 by a lazy muffler and the whole house like to swing.


So it felt so far away! Thank you for your comment.

SVT · Linda Jones

8 min09.46

Woke up first thinking that it is the "usual quake" that happens every night. But after a few seconds, I felt it slamming and shaking considerably more than usual. After all, when everything happened, did not understand what was really going on, the son of 1.5 woke up and then we all fell asleep. This morning I came to the event and then it felt really nasty!


Yes, it seems to have been a much bigger quake than before. The largest in Sweden since 2008 says a seismologist we talked to.

SVT · Linda Jones

10 min09.45

I was awake already when blasting in the mine happened as usual at 1:30, tried to fall asleep but had some strange anxiety in my body, lay and read in bed with the children next to me when the whole apartment starts to shake shortly after 03:00. It mumbles high from below and I actually have to hold myself in bed so as not to fall as I lie on the edge. Walls are shaking and for a while I think the floor will give way, mumble very loud at the same time and I am very scared. Is awake many hours after and constantly hears how the small murmurs in the mine for a long time, until I finally fall asleep.

Cecilia Winberg

10 min09.45

Felt like the house was being moved sideways and a loud bang, listening for sirens from the rescue service thinking that something serious must have happened.

Jeanette Videll

10 min09.45

I was sleeping when the sudden shake shocked me up! Also, my pebble stack and another decoration from the shelf crashed to the floor. And there were loud creaks from the house. It was very scared and couldn't go back to sleep afterwards. Then there were mild aftershocks as well that could be heard as minor low-freq rumbles.

Vikramjeet Das

10 min09.45

Woke up and felt the quake. It lasted a few seconds. Thought it was a proper sentence. Then fell asleep again and felt no more.