Accused of having placed sex dolls in the stands, FC Seoul apologizes

Models replace supporters in the stands during a FC Seoul football match, in Seoul (South Korea), on May 17, 2020. YONHAP / AFP

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South Korean football club FC Seoul made an official apology on Monday after being accused of using sex dolls to fill its empty stands during a match.


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Filling the stands during a pandemic requires you to be imaginative ... with a few hiccups. FC Seoul, a South Korean football club, had to apologize after being accused of placing sex dolls in its stadium. We are sincerely sorry to have made our supporters uncomfortable,  " said FC Seoul in a statement. We made sure from the start that they had nothing to do with sex toys,  " said the club.

But several of these dolls, placed in the stadium stands for the closed-door championship game against Gwangju on Sunday (won 1-0), were dressed in T-shirts bearing the logo of a manufacturer of sexual articles. And other dolls held posters advertising the company and its products ...

The dolls, mainly representing women, wore a protective mask and were separated from each other according to the rules of distancing aimed at limiting the spread of Covid-19. According to the club, the doll's supplier had previously made them available to the company distributing sex toys, which would explain the inappropriate advertisements.

Contacted by AFP, the two companies were not immediately available to confirm or deny these remarks.

The South Korean first division K-League resumed on May 8 after more than two months of stopping to curb the pandemic . To garnish their stands despite the closed doors, most clubs used posters, banners or cardboard effigies of supporters.

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