More than a hundred cars took part in unauthorized acceleration times in Pirkkala in the Tampere region on the night before Sunday. The event also gathered a crowd of spectators.

A popular Finnish streamer broadcast a live video of the event.

Commissioner Ari Aro from the Inland Finland Police says that the police found that young motorists gather in several places in the Tampere region on Saturday night.

According to Aro, a group of about 150 cars was found in large parking lots in Ikea, Tampere, Lempäälä Ideapark, Ylöjärvi shopping center in Elo and Pirkkahalli.

Police visited the rallies but found nothing to note.

Race in an industrial area

At about midnight, a group of cars gathered in the industrial area in Pirkkala.

The video shows how two cars at a time sit side by side around the intersection of Jasperintie and Autokuja. Between them is a sender, after whose signal the cars accelerate towards Jasperintie at the intersection of Autokeskusentie.

Jasperintie is bordered on one side by a rock cut.

The favorite timekeeper describing the show and the viewers following the show judge which of the cars will win each pair. According to Ilta-Sanomat's calculations, more than a hundred starts were run in the race. It is unclear whether the same cars participated in multiple departures.

The video also shows how the race is followed by a crowd of at least dozens of spectators on the side of the road.

According to Aro, the crowd had largely left by the time police arrived at about two o'clock on Sunday morning. He evaluates the events based on the description of IS.

- This is at least a risk to road safety when driving on the opposite hair. It can even be a serious threat to road safety. This is clearly forbidden when competing on such public roads, Aro says.

The phenomenon of the Crown Age

Due to the coronavirus situation, the Government has limited public gatherings to ten people. According to the police interpretation, informal gatherings are not covered by the restriction.

- The restriction applies to pre-announced events, Aro says.

- It is not clear how the information about these has spread. Whether it’s through WhatsApp groups or how.

According to Aro, there have been similar car gatherings in Pirkanmaa for several weekends in a row.

- There have been various gatherings over time, but such large gatherings are a phenomenon this spring. It may be related to the fact that when restaurants are closed, young people always come up with something to do. Probably this is related to this Korona time, Aro ponders.