Despite the rainy weather, the police in southwestern Finland had enough tasks on both nights of the weekend.

In Southwest Finland, a total of 61 home alarms were reported to the police during the two nights. On the corresponding weekend a year earlier, there were 33 home alarms.

Satakunta also had clearly more alarms than last year: 31 compared to 21 a year ago.

The police in southwestern Finland received reports of drunken youth groups around their area of ​​operation, both in public places and in private homes.

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, the police were given a mission in the Kivikehä area of ​​Salon, where, according to the announcement, there were supposed to be 50 young people partying. By the time the police arrived, the youth had left the scene.

A traffic police patrol on the highway in Haliko measured hard speeds for two young male drivers on the Sunday side in the dark. The speed of one car was 220 km / h on a damp road and the other 175 km / h. Both drivers were suspected of a serious threat to road safety and were subject to a temporary driving ban at the scene. The drivers disputed the race with each other.

Drunk drivers employed police on both weekend nights around southwestern Finland. In Southwest Finland, the police had 20 tasks related to drink-driving or aggravated drink-driving. The corresponding figure in Satakunta was 14.