Former US President Barack Obama has criticized his country's officials' handling of the Corona virus pandemic, in a rare public reprimand for the current administration. At a time when HIV infections around the world exceeded four million and 700 thousand cases and deaths reached more than 310 thousand, demonstrations took place in Britain and Germany in protest against the measures of social separation.

"More than anything, this epidemic has torn the curtain final on the idea that many responsible people know what to do," the former Democratic president said in an online speech to college graduates, without giving the name of his successor, Donald Trump or specific officials. "Many of them do not even show that they are responsible."

Obama's criticism comes Saturday, days after leaking comments he made during a special video conference last week, in which he described the United States' handling of the epidemic as "an utter anarchic catastrophe."

In terms of numbers, the United States recorded 1,237 deaths from the new Corona virus during the past 24 hours, bringing its total death toll to 88,730, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University on Saturday. The university also indicated that the number of injuries in the country is 1466,682.


Global figures
At the global level, the number of corona infections exceeded four million and 700 thousand cases, while deaths from the virus reached more than 310 thousand, and the number of people recovering from the virus worldwide exceeded one million and 800 thousand.

Data from the "World Meter" website, which specializes in monitoring victims of the virus, showed that the number of corona infections worldwide reached 4 million and 703 cases.

The largest number of injuries was recorded in the United States, followed by Spain, Russia, Britain, Italy, Brazil, France and Germany.

In a statistic for the French press agency, she said that the new Corona virus has caused the death of about 310 thousand people in the world since its appearance in China last December.

On the other hand, the number of people recovered around the world exceeded one million and 800 thousand, noting that these numbers only reflect part of the actual number of injuries, as many countries do examinations only for cases that require the transfer of their owners to the hospital.


In Europe - the continent most affected by the Corona virus - London police arrested 19 people on Saturday for deliberately breaching the guidelines for social estrangement in protest against the rules, in the first weekend since Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a slight relaxation of the procedures.

Police said a group in Hyde Park in central London was protesting the government's response to the "Covid-19" pandemic, and had not complied with repeated requests for separation.

"It was disappointing that a relatively small group in Hyde Park had gathered to protest the regulations in a clear breach of the rules, they exposed themselves and others to the risk of injury," said Lawrence Taylor, deputy assistant chief of police, in a statement.

In Germany, thousands of citizens demonstrated in several cities on Saturday to protest against the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the Coruna virus.

Hundreds participated in the demonstration held in the Rosa Luxemburg Square in the center of the capital, Berlin, to protest against the measures imposed to limit the spread of Corona.

The protesters held up banners saying: "Stop healthy terrorism" and "False alarm for Corona."

Thousands of Germans in Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt took to the streets on Saturday to express their anger at possible vaccination plans or supposed state oversight.

"False Corona" was written on a banner raised in Stuttgart, while another read "No to isolation, gags, tracking and vaccinations."

For its part, it called on the police to adhere to social separation, warned against demonstrations involving more than 50 people, and arrested several protesters in demonstrations for ignoring the warnings.

Also on May 6, German police broke up a protest demonstration against the measures announced to confront Corona, in Berlin.

As of Saturday, the death toll of Corona injuries in Germany was more than 175,000, and deaths eight thousand.


Mitigation of measures
In Italy, the authorities declared the country cautiously prepared to start the second phase of easing measures to combat the Coronavirus.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that many economic sectors will start their activities again on Monday, as part of a gradual plan to ease the general ban.

He added that the government is moving to this stage with confidence and responsibility, "but we are preparing for it with caution as well, and we take into account the possibility of an outbreak of corona again."

He explained that within this stage, special care centers, hairdressing and beauty salons, restaurants, cafes, bars and others will be opened.

He noted that the swimming pools and gyms will open their doors from May 25 this year, and theaters and cinemas will start from June 15.

He pointed out that his country will open its European borders on June 3, in order to move the stalled tourism sector in the country due to the effects of Corona.

According to the latest toll, Corona's injuries in Italy amounted to 224,760, of which 31,763 deaths, while 122,810 patients recovered.

On the other hand, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that he is seeking another extension of the state of emergency to contain the emerging Corona virus in the country, with the extension period reaching "about a month".

This will be the "final extension" he is requesting from parliament, said Sanchez - who faces increasing calls to lift restrictions imposed on the backdrop of the pandemic.

"We are still at risk," Sanchez said. "It is imperative that we maintain the state of emergency while easing the closures. We need to continue restricting movement."

As of tomorrow, about 70% of Spain will enter the first stage of easing the closure procedures, as groups of 10 will be available.

The state of emergency began two months ago and gives the government powers to severely restrict the movement of the population.

Spain, which has recorded more than 27,500 deaths and more than 230,000 cases of coronavirus, is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic. But the numbers have been improving for weeks.

In France, the Ministry of Health announced 96 new deaths from the newly created Corona virus, as the country eased a two-month general closure.

The ministry said the number of deaths on Saturday represented a slight decrease from the number of deaths recorded on Friday, which reached 104.

This brings the total number of deaths in France to 27,625 in the fourth highest toll in the world after the United States, Britain and Italy, and just before Spain.


No spraying
On the other hand, the World Health Organization warned that spraying antiseptics on the streets, as is the case in some countries, does not eliminate the emerging corona virus and carries health risks.

In a document on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces as part of the fight against "Covid-19", the World Health Organization said that spraying these materials may be ineffective.

The document states that "spraying in open spaces such as roads and markets is not recommended to kill the Covid-19 virus or other pathogens, because the disinfectant loses its effect to dirt and debris."

The World Health Organization considered that the streets and sidewalks are not "reservoirs of infection" Covid-19, adding that spraying antiseptics may be "harmful to human health."