May 17, 2020

The director of the independent information site Mada Masr arrested in Egypt, considered by many observers to be the country's last free newspaper. The editorial team tweeted that security forces had taken Lina Attalah while she was interviewing the mother of blogger Alaa Abdelfatah, one of the best-known faces of the 2011 revolution.

According to reports from Mada Masr, Attalah has already appeared before a judge and has been transferred to Tora prison. Lina Attalah had already been arrested for a few hours in November together with other journalists in a roundup of security forces in the editorial staff. Subsequently, the site had worked with more caution but in recent months it has resumed conducting delicate investigations and fueling controversy against President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, generally neglected by other Egyptian media. 

"Lina Atallah, director of Mada Masr, was arrested by security forces near Tora prison while conducting an interview with Leila Suef and the mother of activist Alaa Abdel Fattah. A prison official told the lawyer about Mada Masr who was transferred to the prosecutor's office without clarifying the expected charge ", says the tweet fixed on the profile of the newspaper. 

ألقت قوات الأمن القبض على لينا عطا الله ، رئيسة تحرير «مدى مصر» ، منذ قليل، وأبلغ مسؤول في السجن محامي «مدى مصر» أنها نُقلت إلى النيابة دون توضيح النيابة المقصودة.

- Mada Masr مدى مصر (@MadaMasr) May 17, 2020