The coffin with the mortal remains of Julio Anguita had hardly left the Córdoba City Hall when the rain made an appearance. The drops began to bathe the communist flag that since last Saturday has accompanied Anguita in his last hours in the Consistory that he himself inaugurated in 1985. The former mayor of Córdoba died last Saturday at the Reina Sofía Hospital in the capital after not overcome a cardiac arrest a week ago. Friends of the party, comrades, neighbors and a very large sector of the population gathered this afternoon to say their last goodbye.

In what has been his last little revolution, Anguita has been fired between PCE and Republic flags , with his fist raised and singing for the International. Anguita always rejected a Republic of symbols, but conceived the republican movement as a project in which everything had to be rethought. The Republic could not be conceived as a hunt for the king. And he worked on it until his heart stopped.

Carried by workers from the public company of Cemeteries of Córdoba, the silence that flooded Capitulares street from 4:00 p.m. broke with the first chords of the Adagio de Albinoni, performed by concertmaster Isel Rodríguez, of the city's Orchestra. Cheers, fists raised and shouts of "Julio, Julio" accompanied the former IU coordinator throughout his journey from the gates of the Town Hall to the one known as the Cruz del Rastro, for just over 30 minutes, when the funeral procession accelerated to be on time for the funeral.

Once in the hearse, some were the lucky ones who came to leave him a flower, rub the Republican flag with the coffin or, just, support his hand as a symbol of affection and respect. The emotion ended up breaking many of those present, who fired the "only politician with shame that there will ever be in this country", they shouted. "No one will come to beat you," an Anguita neighbor said tearfully. She recently had a lung operation. You know that you are part of the risk groups of the current health crisis, but you wanted to say goodbye to Malaga.

The center become your home

In the farewell, they did not want to miss volunteers from the Rey Heredia social center , a school that was occupied in 2014 with the aim of giving social use and support to the residents of a very humble neighborhood in Córdoba, the South Sector. Anguita always supported the social use of the center and was part of a campaign to support those accused of that occupation. King Heredia also became his home and the preferred place for his meetings with the media.

The applause for the hearse continued for almost the entire route until reaching the La Fuensanta cemetery , away from the nerve center of the city. In the churchyard, where the remains of his son Julio Anguita Parrado also reside , Anguita has been buried in the strictest privacy. With him goes a part of the democratic history of Spain and the last benchmark par excellence of the left.

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