The director of the Training and Development Department at the General Department of Forensic Evidence in Dubai Police, Major Dr. Rashid Al Ghaferi, warned that mobile phones may be a means of transmitting a Corona virus "Covid 19" without the user noticing it.

Al-Ghafri said to "Emirates Today" that joint research conducted by Dubai Police with a group of scientists and experts in a number of Australian universities has concluded that mobile phone surfaces may be a cause of infection due to the possibility that the virus will be stuck with it for a long time.

He added that we in the Dubai Police Research Laboratory examined, in scientific cooperation with the Australian team, mobile phones and discovered hundreds of germs, such as bacteria and viruses, on their surfaces, which is a strong indication of the possibility of it being a potential carrier or as a Trojan horse that transmits a Covid 19 infection to the home in the event of attention .

He pointed out that everyone uses their phones everywhere they move to, such as associations or commercial centers, workplaces and public transportation, which makes them vulnerable to the transfer of germs, but that in light of the high temperature as a result of continuous use, it may be a catalyst for the survival of viruses for a longer period and re-activated and then transmitted easily .

Al-Ghafri said that the summary of the extensive studies and research carried out by the joint team resolves all doubts about the possibility of spreading the infection through phones, especially if it was in the possession of people who were confirmed to be infected with the virus, pointing out that according to the study, Covid 19 can live a long period on the surface of the mobile phone compared to the surfaces of Other.

He pointed out that a person usually touches a mobile phone more than any other device or device, pointing out that many members of society have become aware of this aspect and are constantly sterilizing their devices.
Al-Ghafri appealed to the community members to consider their phones as part of them as an extension of their hands, so they sterilize them constantly with alcohol of no less than 70%, indicating that they are simple but very important preventive measures.

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