The accident happened at 10am in the morning, between the exit and the drive to Mellbystrand.

"Two people have been traveling in the car and they are being investigated by ambulance staff on site in this now," says Andreas Karlsson, internal commander at the Rescue Service in Halmstad, at 10.20.

"Water on the roadway"

It is unclear exactly how the accident happened, but it has rained heavily in the area during the morning and according to the Rescue Service there is a lot of water on the roadway.

At first there was information that three cars should have been involved, but when the Rescue Service arrived it turned out that it was a single accident and that the other cars stopped to help.

Traffic is being led past the accident

The E6 southbound is temporarily completely closed off, but traffic can be led past the accident via the exit and entry. Also northbound lanes are affected as there is rubbish on the road there.

The emergency services believe that the road can be opened as usual at the earliest at 11 o'clock.