China News Service, May 16th. According to real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 8:32 on May 16th, Beijing time, there were more than 4.53 million confirmed cases of the new crown worldwide, and a cumulative death of more than 307,000. New York State of the United States extended the "home order"; Slovenia became the first country in Europe to declare the end of the local epidemic; Japan will implement testing for new coronavirus antibodies to about 10,000 people; some African countries have gradually unblocked.

WHO calls attention to children with multi-system inflammatory syndrome

  WHO held a regular press conference on new coronary pneumonia on the 15th. Director General Tan Desai said that in the past few weeks, he received reports from Europe and North America that a small number of children were sent to the intensive care unit and they suffered from multiple system inflammation. Some of its characteristics are similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome.

Data map: World Health Organization Director General Tan Desai.

  The initial report assumed that the syndrome may be related to the new coronavirus, and WHO has developed a preliminary case definition and case report form for children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

  Tan Desai called on doctors from various countries to cooperate with relevant agencies and the World Health Organization to increase vigilance and better understand this pediatric syndrome.

New York State extends "Home Order"

Brazilian health minister resigns

  At present, there are more than 1.44 million confirmed cases of the new crown in the United States, with a cumulative death of more than 87,000 cases. In New York State, where the epidemic is most severe, Governor Como said on the 15th that the state's "home order" was postponed until May 28, but areas that meet the 7 restart criteria can now start in phases. There are currently 5 regions and a total of 35 counties that meet the restart criteria. There are three failures in New York City.

On May 7, local time, a nonprofit organization distributed 500 free meals in a residential area in Queens, New York City, and the people queued to receive them. China News Agency reporter Liao Panshe

  US President Trump said on the 15th that the United States may develop a new coronavirus vaccine by the end of this year. Trump said that regardless of whether there is a vaccine, the United States needs to start a restart.

  The epidemic situation in Latin America remains severe. Brazil ’s new crown has more than 210,000 confirmed cases and more than 14,000 deaths. Brazilian Health Minister Nelson Tec announced his resignation on the 15th, less than a month before he took office. Brazilian media said that the main reason for Tecchi's resignation was a disagreement with President Bossonaro on the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic.

Slovenia declares end of national outbreak

Russia added another ten thousand in a single day

  A total of 223,885 cases were diagnosed in Italy, and a total of 31,610 deaths. Italian Prime Minister Conte will order loosening of epidemic prevention measures. From May 18th, Italy will allow intra-regional exchanges.

  A total of 236,711 cases were diagnosed in the United Kingdom, with a total of 33,998 deaths. The National Bureau of Statistics said on the 15th that the deaths of more than 12,500 nursing home staff in the UK are related to the new coronavirus. British Health Minister Hancock said that all people and employees living in nursing homes will be tested.

On May 11, local time, London, England, traveling citizens sat on a bench at Earl's Court Station.

  On the evening of the 14th local time, Slovenia announced the end of the local epidemic of the new crown epidemic, but people still have to comply with epidemic prevention measures such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance in indoor public places. The Sri Lankan government also announced the opening of the border to EU countries that day. As of the 14th, a total of 1,465 cases have been diagnosed and 103 deaths have occurred in the country.

  The number of German New Coronavirus infections exceeds 173,000 and the deaths exceed 7800. On the 15th, the German catering industry was officially "thawed" for nearly two months due to the shutdown of the new crown epidemic. The capital Berlin and several states have begun to allow restaurants, cafes and snack bars to re-operate.

  In Russia, the number of new cases exceeded 15 thousand in a single day, and 10598 new cases of new coronavirus infection were added. A total of 262843 cases were confirmed. Russian Defense Minister Shoygu said on the same day that the 16 medical centers built by the Russian Ministry of Defense to treat people infected with the new crown virus had all been built and put into use.

Japan will implement large-scale antibody testing

India will extend the blockade period

  More than 16,000 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Japan. Japan's Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Kato Shinto announced at a press conference on the 15th that from June onwards, a total of about 10,000 people will be tested for new coronavirus antibodies.

Data map: Kato Katsushika, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

  The number of confirmed cases of new pneumonia in India has risen to 81,970, with a total of 2,649 deaths. Maharashtra is one of the most severely affected areas. On the 14th local time, the Minister of Industry of Maharashtra stated that the blockade period of the state capital Mumbai and other major cities will be extended.

  The Ministry of Health of Singapore announced on the 15th that there were 793 newly diagnosed cases on the same day, with a total of 26,891 cases diagnosed and 21 deaths. Singapore ’s epidemic prevention and blocking measures will end on June 1, and construction work will resume gradually from June 2.

  A total of 3025 cases have been diagnosed in Thailand. The Thai government announced on the 15th that it will implement the second phase of the ban on the 17th, reopening shopping malls, large retail outlets, and restaurants in the building. At the same time, the curfew will be shortened by one hour to 23 o'clock every day. 4 o'clock in the morning.

Over 75,000 cases diagnosed in Africa

Some countries gradually unblocked

  The new crown epidemic continues to spread in the Middle East. A total of 146,457 cases have been diagnosed in Turkey. The country ’s health minister Koca emphasized on the 14th that people should follow a limited social lifestyle, first wearing masks and secondly maintaining social distance.

On May 1, South Africa officially lowered the blockade level against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic from the harshest fifth level to the fourth level. Some commercial shops were able to reopen the door, and the public could also have limited outing activities. The picture shows that in a pharmacy in Johannesburg, customers are selecting epidemic prevention materials. China News Agency reporter Wang Xishe

  According to the latest data from the African Center for Disease Control, 75,866 confirmed cases and 2,570 deaths have been reported in Africa. The anti-epidemic measures of some African countries have expired and they have begun to be gradually unsealed.

  A total of 13,524 confirmed cases and 247 deaths were reported in South Africa. Most parts of South Africa will be reduced from the fourth level of the "blockade order" to the third level by the end of May. South Africa's Minister of Health Mukez said on the 15th that the South African government will divide each area into several wards, and formulate a corresponding blockade level and supporting martial law measures for it according to the severity of the outbreak.

  A total of 11228 cases of new crown cases were diagnosed in Egypt, and a total of 592 deaths. Egypt has begun to relax some restrictions, and automobile license application, real estate registration and some legal services have been reopened to the public. Hotels in Egypt have resumed business on the 15th. (Finish)