Cologne (Germany) (AFP)

German Real Madrid international midfielder Toni Kroos would like to end his career at Real Madrid, his club since 2014, he said in an interview with Eurosport Germany during which he said he never regretted leaving Bayern Munich. .

"I aim to be a Real Madrid player for the next three seasons," said the 2014 world champion, whose contract with the Spanish club expires in 2023.

"I will then be 33 years old and this will be the right time to ask myself: how do you feel physically, are you still motivated, do you still want to continue? And there we will see what is going on" , he continued.

"Three years in football is long. Three years in Real Madrid is even longer," admitted the player trained at Hansa Rostock, in the former GDR.

Kroos, 30, briefly reviewed his departure from Bayern Munich in 2014, which resulted in a standoff with Bavarian leaders.

"With hindsight, everyone (at Bayern) could certainly regret letting me go, but that is not at all my case," said Kroos.

"I had my convictions, Bayern had theirs, there was no other way out than the separation," added the player to the 96 teams in Germany.

Kroos also wanted to clarify comments he made at the start of the coronavirus pandemic about a possible drop in player wages, a move he criticized.

"The declaration was made at a time when we were not even in discussion with Real about a salary cut (...) I prefer to take the entirety (of his salary) and use it to do something for those who need it even more. But when the club approached us, it became clear that we had to give up part of our salary to help club employees, "he said.

"As long as the club does not come to tell us that it needs to pay the employees, there is no need for me to give up my salary," wanted to clarify the Madrid environment.

In early April, Real Madrid finally agreed with their players to cut their wages by at least 10% this year.

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