China News Service, May 16 (Xinhua) According to the European Union quoted the European Union News Agency, on May 15 local time, an explosion occurred in a chemical plant in Marghera, Venice, Italy. The accident caused 2 people to be burned. One of them was seriously injured. In order to prevent the spread of toxic gases from the chemical materials burned in the fire, the Veneto authorities immediately launched an emergency plan, blocked the traffic roads in the explosion area, monitored the air quality, and called on people around the chemical plant to close the doors and windows at home.

  According to reports, at 10:15 on the 15th local time, a violent explosion was heard from a chemical plant of the 3V Sigma Spa Group (3V Sigma Spa) located in the port of Magra, Venice Province. The black smoke was shrouded, and from a distance of more than 10 kilometers away, the huge black pillars that burst into the sky were clearly visible.

  After the explosion, the Veneto Regional Fire Command Center urgently deployed 8 fire protection teams from Vicenza, Treviso, Padova and Rovigo to the scene of the explosion to extinguish the fire and rescue.

  According to a report from the Fire Police, a chemical plant explosion caused two burns and one of them was seriously injured. In order to prevent the spread of harmful gases to surrounding areas and trigger public poisoning, the local civil defense department has launched an emergency plan.

  The Health Bureau of the Veneto Region issued an emergency warning immediately after the explosion of the chemical plant, saying that the explosion may cause the spread of toxic gases, and the surrounding areas of the chemical plant may face health risks. The incident has caused Luca Zaia, Chairman of the Veneto Region, to be highly concerned and concerned.

  Gianpaolo Bottacin, a member of the Veneto region and an emergency civil affairs commissioner, said the chemical plant fire was difficult to put out in a short period of time, and the possibility of another explosion was not ruled out. Factory employees and people near the chemical plant have been evacuated to a safe area. At present, the two wounded have been sent to the burn department of Verona and Padova hospitals for treatment.

  Butasin said that the explosion of 3V Sigma chemical plant has a great potential risk of air pollution. The private housing department urges the public not to open the doors and windows. Before the relevant departments make the identification results of the vegetables and fruits in the surrounding areas, the relevant crops All listing and consumption are prohibited.

  Butaxin emphasized that the civil affairs department currently does not know the specific composition of chemical substances emitted by chemical plants. Symptoms such as dyspnea have been found in the surrounding population. The Environmental Protection Bureau of the Veneto Region is already monitoring the air pollution situation, and is conducting data collation and analysis.

  As of 14:00 on the 15th, the fire of the chemical plant has been extinguished by the firefighters' efforts to save. The local alarm was temporarily lifted, and the area around Magra will allow traffic to resume normal traffic.

  It is reported that 3V Sigma Chemical Group is a high-end specialty chemical product manufacturing group. The group has four chemical plants in Georgetown, South Carolina, Mozzo, Grasabi and Magra, Italy. Including high-end chemical products such as chemical synthetic polymers and organic chemistry. (Boyuan)