Demonstration in various parts of Germany Protest against new corona infection control May 17 at 8:35

In Germany, demonstrations are being held in various places to protest regulations to control the spread of the new coronavirus, and the government is required to make difficult decisions on how to respond to the dissatisfaction of people.

In Germany, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we are gradually easing the restriction measures that we have been taking since March, while wearing masks is mandatory for shopping and other Measures called "contact restriction", which require that the distance be 1.5 meters or more, are being continued.

Against this backdrop, protests were held in various parts of Germany on the 16th, and about 1000 people participated in southern Munich, demanding the abolition of regulations, such as "seeking freedom, not compulsion." A woman who participated in the demonstration said, "I want to live and breathe like a human being. I want you to immediately remove the obligation to wear a mask."

According to a public opinion poll released by the public broadcaster ARD this month, 67% of the respondents said they were satisfied with the crisis management of the government, but they were dissatisfied with the prospect that the infection could not be settled. The government is faced with difficult decisions about how to respond.

In addition, it is said that the protest demonstrations include many right-wing powers and people who insist on conspiracy theories, and that hatred and racial discrimination will spread due to the deterioration of the economy due to the spread of infection, leading to social fragmentation. There are also voices that warn.