The National People's Congress representative Liu Guifang is a rural doctor in Hounanbao Village, Guangping County, Handan City, Hebei Province. For more than 30 years, she has been devoted to the care of 72 local empty-nest elderly people with chronic diseases and was awarded "National Excellent Rural Doctor. In 2013, she With all his savings, with the help of the local government, he founded a public welfare home for the elderly.

  Liu Guifang said that as a representative of the National People's Congress from the grassroots level, this year's "two sessions", her focus is still on rural medical care, pension and other aspects. She said that at present grassroots township health centers and rural clinics, many common people's commonly used drugs are not included in the scope of reimbursement, resulting in an increase in the burden of seeing doctors at the grassroots level in some sick elderly people, and going to big cities to see a doctor takes up medical resources that could have been saved. She hopes that the medical insurance policy will continue to sink to the grassroots level and increase the list of medicines used by the township health centers to benefit the grassroots.

Editor in charge: [Qi Bin]