At a news conference on Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump pointed out that he has lost his acquaintance to the coronavirus. Trump has talked about it before. On Thursday, he said in an interview with the Washington Examiner that five of his acquaintances had died of a coronavirus disease.

- For the elderly and the elderly, it is a very bad disease. I've lost the five people I know. A couple of really good friends.

- I've never lost anyone to seasonal flu.

Trump did not specify which acquaintances you were referring to.

In April, however, the death of Stanley Chera, a New York-based real estate mogul who was also known as Trump’s friend, was reported. Chera died of complications caused by the coronavirus, Trump's close circle was told to NBC News.

Trump had previously spoken of a “friend,” who was in a coma. Another source on NBC News confirmed that the president had talked about 77-year-old Chera.

- I have friends who are incredibly ill. We thought they would go to the hospital for a light time. And in one case, he’s unconscious, he’s in a coma. And it says, “how did this happen,” Trump said in late March.

In April, Trump tweeted his condolences to Chera’s wife and his family.

- Stanley was a benevolent, kind and wonderful friend. He will be really missed!

In the United States, 1,470,688 coronavirus infections have been reported. Virus-related deaths have been recorded at 87,773, Worldometers calculates.