As it turned out, the drug completely suppresses the cytopathic effect of the virus after 48 hours from the moment of infection, but in a very small dose - two micrograms per milliliter.

If the drug is used before infection, the effect of the virus is reduced by 50–75%, Skvortsova noted, which may allow it to be used for prevention.

“We are now on the basis of four of our leading FMBA centers to conduct a clinical study of Mefloquine in comparison with other antiviral drugs and see certain advantages in patients with moderate severity,” RIA Novosti quoted the head of the FMBA.

According to her, by the end of the first week of taking Mefloquine, 70% of patients are guaranteed to get rid of the virus, while in 26% it causes side effects.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health expanded the list of possible drugs for the treatment of coronavirus.