China News Network, Chengdu, May 15 (Wang Peng) Oxford University signed a contract with the University of Western China for the first time in the medical field to build a scientific research cooperation platform-Sichuan University-Oxford University West China Gastrointestinal Cancer Joint Research Center and unveiled on the 15th. The signing ceremony is conducted by video connection.

  On the same day, Louise Richardson, President of Oxford University, Li Yanrong, President of Sichuan University, Yan Shijing, Vice President of Sichuan University, and Li Weimin, President of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, attended the signing ceremony.

The picture shows the signing and unveiling ceremony. Photo courtesy of Sichuan University

  It is reported that the Sichuan University-Oxford University West China Gastrointestinal Cancer Joint Research Center will adopt a "one center (gastrointestinal cancer center) and two platforms (separately established research platforms at Sichuan University and Oxford University)" cooperation model, focusing on gastrointestinal cancer Carry out all-round cooperation.

  "The epidemic in front of us makes us once again deeply realize that mankind has the same home and the same health. It has become a major problem we face and pay attention to and a major challenge that needs to be addressed." Li Yanrong, president of Sichuan University, said that through the platform, The scholars of the two universities and their counterparts around the world will jointly carry out joint scientific research, jointly train students, jointly hold international academic conferences, and jointly publish high-level papers, especially around the life of tumor therapy, tumor marker development, and neoadjuvant imaging omics. Conduct research on major health issues and provide more scientific treatment options.

  Yang Li, director of the Department of Gastroenterology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, said that the two parties will jointly carry out cooperative research on the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal tumors; jointly develop a comprehensive and personalized management system for patients with gastrointestinal cancer; The platform enhances the ability of Huaxi Hospital to "early diagnosis and precise treatment" in the field of gastrointestinal cancer.

The picture shows the video unveiling screen of Oxford University.

  "I arrived at Sichuan University last year, and I believed that we should cooperate." David Cole, a professor of oncology at Oxford University, said that patients in the UK and China have different physiological and pathological characteristics in gastrointestinal diseases. It will learn from each other's strengths, combine artificial intelligence with gastrointestinal endoscopy technology, better understand gastrointestinal tumors, and thus bring better welfare to patients.

  Oxford University was founded in 1167 and is the world's top research university. Oxford University School of Medicine has ranked first in the Times Higher Education Rankings for eight consecutive years. Its Department of Oncology is one of Oxford University School of Medicine's largest departments and a world-renowned cancer diagnosis and treatment institution.

  West China Hospital of Sichuan University is a national-level center for the diagnosis and treatment of critical and critical illnesses in western China. Its medical level ranks first in the country. Its gastrointestinal medicine, gastrointestinal surgery, oncology and pathology are all in the diagnosis, treatment and research of gastrointestinal tumors. Leading domestic level. (Finish)