“The Government of Russia, together with the highest officials (heads of the highest executive bodies of state power) of the constituent entities of Russia, shall ensure: ... monitoring the implementation of the federal supplement to the salary for special working conditions for healthcare workers whose activities are directly related to the provision of medical care to patients with a new coronavirus infection ( COVID-19), as well as coordinating the activities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation on this issue, ”the list of Putin’s instructions says. forged on the Kremlin website.

Also, according to the list of instructions, insurance payments for such doctors should be monitored.

The corresponding report should be submitted by May 20.

Earlier, Putin demanded that officials ensure that doctors treating patients with coronavirus receive premiums for April strictly before May 15th. The head of state emphasized that money should not be paid in hours, but for work with patients with COVID-19. The president promised to verify the fulfillment of his order early next week.