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"Vamos a la playa". For this open-ended weekend that promises to be sunny, the inhabitants of the North will finally have an alternative to gardens, forests and other city centers to go stretch their legs. Indeed, the prefect of the department announced Thursday that he authorized the opening of certain beaches. But, there is a but ". Explanations.

It was a decision eagerly awaited by local elected officials on the northern coast and it fell on Thursday. In a desperately red North on the deconfinement map of France, the beaches remained closed to the public, like parks and gardens. The government had, however, left the prefects the possibility of granting exemptions to mayors who requested them. This was the case, for example, in Lille where the Citadel park is once again accessible to the public.

Walk and individual sport

As of Saturday, the municipalities of Bray-Dunes, Dunkirk, Grand-Fort-Philippe, Gravelines, Leffrinckoucke and Zuydcoote will be able to reopen their beaches. Boaters can also find the open sea from the ports of Dunkirk and Gravelines. The prefect however laid down conditions to take advantage of the fine sand. It will only be "for the walk, individual sports activities as long as they do not give rise to gatherings of more than 10 people", it is written in the decree.

In other words, no question of squatting by the sea to get a tan. Building sandcastles is also not considered a sporting activity. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from taking a hike from Zuydcoote to Dunkirk with your feet in the water before eating a cone of fries to take away.

The representative of the State insists on the fact that this authorization is “precarious”: “If overflows are noted, the prefect will have to come back to this exemption”. It is also recalled that breaking the rules of the prefectural decree is punishable by a fine of 135 euros. That said, "vamos à la playa".


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