The author of the message is Dahlia Kraus from the city of Mannheim.

“I think it’s impossible to forget this. You were still too young when you went through this. I have the deepest respect for you, Zoya Pavlovna, ”she said.

According to Kraus, peace is the highest good, as is harmony between nations.

She also said that she was visiting Russia.

“I really liked your homeland, these are unforgettable impressions. Your culture, music, literature, poetry, and above all, your wonderful country itself. With all my heart, I wish you to remain so always and never cease to be one. You are a very strong and proud nation, ”said Kraus.

She wished Romanenko all the best for the future and good health.

The project #Post-Victory contains the stories of those who survived the siege of Leningrad, signed on the walls of the Reichstag, who hid Soviet soldiers escaping from concentration camps.

With the help of the project #Post-Victory, anyone can write letters to veterans, their stories of wars and victories will be told over the next months.

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