Korona's grapple is ruthless. The corona crisis has hit the clubs of the domestic hockey league hard in recent months.

The major clubs in the Finnish Champions League also have to take adjustment measures. Helsinki IFK announced on Friday that salaries will be cut in the company.

Salary cuts apply to players, coaches, sports management and office staff.

The club described wage cuts as necessary to keep the economic impact of the coronary crisis “as small as possible and to secure operations until the fall.”

- We ourselves must be flexible and act effectively, and at the same time prepare in the normal way for the next season. Season card sales have begun and the players' independent training is in full swing, comments HIFK's CEO Jukka Valtanen in a press release.

At the beginning of April, the players' association made a proposal to the Finnish Championship League and its clubs that in order to reduce salary costs, players were recommended to participate in the work.