Nils Anders Blind has lived in the area and has worked with reindeer husbandry for 40 years along Torneträsk and Torneälv.

He says it will be big problems and dangerous on the ice, even though it seems to be full winter due to the large amounts of snow. But the ice conditions are difficult.

- It will be very treacherous, because the kernel is bad and it seems to be just as bad throughout the lake. If it is a hot day, the iceberg will quickly melt into water, says Nils Anders Blind from Talma Sameby.

1 meter iceberg

The ice was over a meter on Torneträsk at Tornehamn when SVT Norrbotten measured the thickness, but what is treacherous is that the core ice was only 20 cm. The first meter is instead an iceberg that melts away quickly as it gets warmer.

- This is very unusual. You didn't have to think about this before. Generally, it is dangerous to travel on ice, but these conditions are dangerous, says Nils Anders Blind from Talma Sami Village.