5 US Aircraft Carriers with New Corona Outbreak Reinfected at 12:59 on May 15th

In the US Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt" that was infected with the new coronavirus, the crew recovered after being infected with the virus, and five crew members who had been negatively tested once returned to the aircraft carrier. The infection was again confirmed and found to have been quarantined.

This was revealed by the US Navy on the NHK interview on the 14th, and five people were found to be infected with the new coronavirus, recovered after being quarantined in Guam, and tested negative twice. I was on board the aircraft carrier again.

However, this week, when he was tested for a flu-like symptom, he was once again confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, and the Navy took off along with several crew members who had contact with five people and took measures to isolate it. It means that

In the nuclear aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt", a new coronavirus outbreak occurred in March this year while sailing in the Pacific Ocean, and the infection of more than 1100 crew members has been confirmed so far, and it is still anchored in Guam. However, the operation is virtually stopped.

The U.S. Navy is aiming to return crew members who have been tested negative after recovery to the aircraft carrier in order to resume operation as soon as possible, but due to cases where infection was confirmed again, it returned to the normal system. It is a shape that highlights the difficulty of things.