- This with sampling is not easy, it can seem easy from the outside. You take a test and then you get yes or no you think, but it's not that simple.

Fredrik Settergren said this during the Uppsala Region press conference on the coronal situation on Thursday. He is concerned that, for example, larger private employers employ companies to try a large number of people.

The results of the antibody tests can be difficult to interpret, he says. Based on the test response, it can be difficult to know if the infection is over, if it is ongoing, or if the person is still infected.

- If people are told that they may have the disease and that they should turn to health care, then the healthcare resources are used to the wrong things.

"Important to set up properly"

If you want to conduct antibody tests on a larger scale, it is incredibly important to think about before, says Fredrik Settergren.

- Then it is important that you have rigged properly with doctors who can follow up and take responsibility for the test answers so that it does not end up in regular medical care.

Earlier this week, a great deal of pressure came on 1177 and health centers after private antibody tests were performed. Not only sampled persons heard from themselves, but also their relatives, workmates and other worried people in their vicinity.

- It can cause problems that we do not need right now in this situation, when our situation is strained as it is, says Fredrik Settergren.

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The doctor and researcher in immunology at Karolinska Institutet, Petter Brodin, works out questions about antibodies. Photo: SVT