China News Service, May 14th, according to Kyodo News reported on the 13th that the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee has begun to study the adjustment plan for the torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics due to the delay of the new crown epidemic. At present, there are plans to shorten the schedule and postpone the start time, as well as plans to simplify related activities to reduce costs, which will be discussed in depth in the future.

  According to reports, if the torch relay is carried out according to previous plans, it will begin in late March 2021 and will travel throughout Japan for 121 days. However, in order to minimize the risk of the epidemic, the two routes will also be discussed to reduce the schedule. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) currently does not allow multiple routes to be passed in principle.

On March 19th, local time, the ceremony for the torch relay of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be held at the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens. The picture shows the Greek Olympic Committee Chairman Spiros Capralos took the torch.

  In addition, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee strives to simplify various fields in order to reduce the additional funds generated due to the delay of the Olympic Games. Among them, the torch relay and the cancellation of celebrations in various places have become the subject of discussion.

  The Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay was originally planned to start from Fukushima Prefecture on March 26, 2020, but on March 24, the Olympic Organizing Committee decided to postpone the holding of the Olympic Games. The Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games has put forward guidelines regarding the route of about 10,000 torchbearers that have been selected and passing places of interest and other monuments, and said that the torch relay next year will respect these arrangements.