A fire truck. (illustration) - NICOLAS MESSYASZ / SIPA

Police and firefighters rescued a 31-year-old woman who said she was kidnapped with her daughter by her husband in Bolbec (Seine-Maritime), this Monday. In the morning, the mother contacted an association which then alerted the police to the situation, says Paris-Normandy .

Officers were dispatched to the site and found the door closed. The husband had gone to work but he had locked his family inside the apartment. The door being reinforced, the police had to call the fire department. The latter released the mother and her daughter, aged 1.5 years, through the window using a ladder.

Seized and abused

The 30-year-old said she had been kidnapped since May 9. She also claimed that her husband raped her repeatedly. Her child would have suffered the same fate. She decided to file a complaint.

Her husband, 35, came to the police station in the afternoon. Placed in police custody, he would have recognized only the facts of domestic violence. He was placed under judicial supervision with a ban on contacting his family pending his appearance.


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