Despite the partial lockdown due to the corona virus, hardly fewer people have died in a traffic accident, police confirm Thursday after reports from the AD .

There were 62 road fatalities in the Netherlands between March 16 and April 26, according to figures from the police and traffic agency VIA. That is slightly less than in the same period in the last three years. Then, on average, 65 people died in a traffic accident.

The police call the figures striking. "In this era of corona there is noticeably less traffic and fewer accidents. We also see that in the figures, but to our shock we also see that this does not apply on the victim side," said the police.

The number of injuries and deaths per accident has increased during the corona crisis. There are 14 percent more casualties per accident than in the same period in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

More elderly people are involved in traffic accidents

An alarming development can be seen among the elderly. The chance that the elderly will die in a traffic accident has increased by 70 percent in the aforementioned period. Most elderly people died in an accident with an (electric) bicycle.

But not only more elderly people are involved in accidents. Relatively more people in their forties and children also died in a traffic accident. According to the police, the latter increase may be explained by the fact that children temporarily stopped going to school and played outside more often.

The number of accidents involving motorists aged between eighteen and twenty has risen. "In the same age group, we previously saw an increase in the number of driver license collections after extreme speeding offenses," police said. "Perhaps part of that group is taking the quiet roads to drive fast."

The police are still investigating the cause of the increase in the number of fatalities.

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