In Zhejiang, Shaanxi and Shanxi, Xi Jinping visited Beijing three times in just 45 days.

  During his trip to Zhejiang, he revisited Yucun in Anji County and inspected Xixi National Wetland Park; then went to Shaanxi, where he went deep into the Qinling Mountains to understand ecological restoration; when he came to Shanxi, he inspected the Fenhe River governance.

  Along the way, a theme runs through the entire course of these three inspections: "Ecological Priority and Green Development". On the eve of the convening of the two sessions of the country, Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized the construction of ecological civilization during local inspections, and the signals he released were very clear.

1. See the changes

  The Fen River, the mother river in Shanxi, has 9 main tributaries in the urban area of ​​Taiyuan. Once, "Jiuhe" was almost all black and smelly water.

  In 2017, during his inspection in Shanxi, Xi Jinping proposed to make the Fen River "rich in water volume, good in water quality, and beautiful in scenery". Subsequently, the "Nine Rivers" comprehensive treatment project was launched and completed in 2018. After comprehensive management, the "Nine Rivers" reproduced a total of 10,000 hectares, and 184 kilometers of express roads were added along the route to become main roads and landscape passages.

  In the village of Anji, Zhejiang, Xi Jinping first proposed the scientific conclusion that "green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains" 15 years ago. Visiting Yucun again, Xi Jinping said emotionally that time is like a shuttle, and the situation was vivid in the past. This time it is completely different, and the construction of a beautiful village has become a reality in Yucun.

  Anjiyu Village, Xixi Wetland, Qinling Mountain and Fenhe River, the places that Xi Jinping visited three times recently, are windows to observe the construction of ecological civilization in China.

  The cash cow in Yucun ’s closure of the mining area did not return to poverty. Instead, the road became wider and wider, realizing a win-win situation for both pockets and ecology; Xixi Wetland changed from a fringe zone to a city card in Hangzhou due to ecological improvement; The villa was once severely damaged due to illegal construction, and now it has returned to nature through special rectification. These specific and clear changes will enhance people's confidence in sticking to green development strategies.

2. Talk about persistence

  "The road to green development is correct. If you choose the right road, you must stick to it." In Xi Jinping's view, adhering to green development is a profound revolution in the development concept.

  At present, the epidemic has caused a great impact on economic operations. It is very urgent to pay close attention to resuming work and recovering production, to snatch back the time and make up for the losses. Faced with tremendous challenges and pressures, will it retake the old path of development?

  In Zhejiang, Xi Jinping encouraged everyone to "make green water and green mountains more beautiful, and make Jinshan and Yinshan bigger"; in Shaanxi, he warned to "be a good Qinling Ecological Guardian, never repeat the same mistakes"; If you are correct, you must persevere, work for a long time, don't repeat, don't toss, and strive for a new path of transformation and development at an early date. " In his mind, people will live up to the mountains, and the mountains will live up to them.

  Xi Jinping clearly understood, "We owe too much in terms of ecological environment. If we do not grasp this work from now on, we will pay a greater price in the future." Therefore, no matter how hard it is, one cannot hesitate or flinch.

  These three inspections conveyed a clear signal: No matter how difficult the situation or how severe the challenge, China will always be firm on the road of green development.

3. Calculate big accounts

  Xi Jinping has paid a lot of attention to ecological work. He has always emphasized the need to "calculate large accounts, calculate long-term accounts, calculate overall accounts, calculate comprehensive accounts", referring to ecological and environmental protection. Because in his view, this "is not only a major economic issue, but also a major social and political issue."

  On the banks of the Fen River, Xi Jinping said that harnessing the Fen River is not only related to the ecological protection and economic development of Shanxi, but also to the historical and cultural heritage of Taiyuan and even Shanxi.

  In the Qinling Mountains, Xi Jinping said that protecting the ecological environment of the Qinling Mountains is of great and far-reaching significance for ensuring the prosperity of the Chinese nation, achieving the goal of "two hundred years" and achieving sustainable development. He also emphasized in particular that party committees and leading cadres at all levels should consciously speak about politics and must be aware of the people of the country.

  Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Party, Xi Jinping has issued important instructions and instructions on some serious damage to the ecological environment and demanded serious investigation. He said that to grasp these matters is to ensure the long-term development of the Chinese nation and to ensure the realization of the "two hundred-year" struggle goals. It is a holistic plan, a long-term plan, and is the leader of the country.

  Only at this level can we better understand Xi Jinping ’s oath: "The full construction of a well-off society by 2020 is a solemn commitment made by our party to the people. It is not possible to declare the full construction of a well-off society while the ecological environment is still of poor quality. The people will not recognize it, nor can it stand the test of history. "

  Li Jianguang