In the last African corona-free state, Lesotho, the first coronavirus infection has been diagnosed. It was found in a person who was part of a group of 81 people who had returned to the country last week from Saudi Arabia and South Africa surrounding Lesotho.

According to Lesotho authorities, the patient has been studying in Saudi Arabia.

Lesotho closed its border on March 29 as it tried to protect itself from the spread of the coronavirus from South Africa. On May 6, Lesotho’s Prime Minister Thomas Thabane announced that he would ease restrictions and allow essential services as well as shops to open their doors.

The highest number of coronavirus infections in Africa has been detected in South Africa, with more than 11,000 infections. 206 people have died from the virus in South Africa. In South Africa, with a population of nearly 60 million, three people have died of the coronavirus per million inhabitants. The corresponding figure in Finland is 51.

After South Africa, the second highest number of infections in Africa is in Egypt, with 10,431. 556 people have died from the coronavirus in Egypt.