Paris (AFP)

The Argentinian Agustin Pichot, beaten in the elections for the presidency of World Rugby, decided to resign from all his official functions, confirmed Wednesday the former scrum half of the Pumas.

"I have decided not to continue as a representative of the UAR on the board of World Rugby, nor as a member of the board of directors of the Rugby World Cup, nor as president of Americas Rugby ", said the former vice-president of World Rugby (2016-2020) in a statement published on the website of the Argentine Rugby Federation.

The 45-year-old former player was beaten in the presidential elections for the governing body of world rugby in early May by the Englishman Bill Beaumont.

"My proposal, which I firmly believe in, was not accepted and that is why I choose to withdraw. I cannot imagine taking a place just for the sake of taking it. dealing exclusively with family and personal matters does not mean that I am moving away from rugby. I will continue to contribute, wherever I am, to a fairer and more equitable world rugby in which we can all be proud to participate and do part, "added Pichot.

He was replaced as World Rugby N.2 by Bernard Laporte, the president of the French Rugby Federation, elected at the same time as Beaumont.

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