(Fighting against New Crown Pneumonia) Jilin City's "vegetable basket" goods have arrived at a stable price and epidemic prevention materials have arrived

  China News Service, Jilin, May 13 (Cangyan Shi Hongyu) Reporter learned from the second press conference of the Jilin City Epidemic Prevention and Control held on the 13th that the Jilin Provincial Government Information Office held that the current material reserves in Jilin City are full and the market price is stable , The basic life of citizens can be effectively guaranteed.

  As of 8:00 on May 13th, Jilin City has reported 21 cases of local confirmed cases. It is currently being treated in isolation in the Jilin City Infectious Disease Hospital and the condition is stable. According to the national grading standard for new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation, Shulan City, Jilin City is currently a high-risk area, and Fengman District is a medium-risk area.

The current material reserve in Jilin is full, the market price is stable, and the basic life of the citizens can be effectively guaranteed. Photo by Cangyan

  Yang Limin, deputy secretary-general of the People's Government of Jilin City, introduced that Jilin City has adopted strict prevention and control measures. While implementing precise prevention and control measures, it has made great efforts to ensure the supply and price stabilization and keep the daily supplies constant. "From the daily monitoring situation, the material reserves are full, the market price is stable, and the basic life of the citizens can be effectively guaranteed."

  According to Yang Limin, Jilin City clarified local production, transportation and storage responsibility enterprises, and at the same time established stable supply relationships with wholesale markets in Shandong, Hebei and other places to ensure the scale of supply. At present, food, oil, meat, vegetables and other necessities are complete in categories and have sufficient reserves to meet the consumer needs of different groups.

  According to Yang Limin, the major supermarkets in Jilin City are operating normally. Online delivery, contactless and face-to-face delivery and other delivery transshipment modes operate safely, and the distribution of necessities for daily necessities remains smooth.

  At the same time, Jilin City also separately designated a trading zone for Shulan City, a high-risk area, to supply daily necessities for Shulan City. The types and quantities are supplied at any time according to procurement needs, minimizing the impact of the epidemic on the lives of Shulan citizens. According to Yang Limin, at present, the categories and reserves of daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat and vegetables in Shulan City can meet the demand.

The current material reserve in Jilin is full, the market price is stable, and the basic life of the citizens can be effectively guaranteed. Photo by Cangyan

  Tian Jichun, deputy director of the Jilin Industry and Information Technology Bureau, said that after the epidemic in Shulan City, the local area moved quickly and worked overnight to ensure the supply of medical and epidemic prevention materials in Shulan City and Jilin City. "At present, there are 4 medical mask manufacturing enterprises in the city, with a daily output of 250,000 pieces, all of which are used for epidemic prevention work; 3 84 disinfectant production enterprises, with a daily production capacity of 85 tons, and about 60 tons of stocks; 3 alcohol disinfectant production enterprises The daily production capacity is 700 tons, and the current inventory is about 1,000 tons. There are 3 disinfectant hand sanitizers and disinfectant companies with daily production capacity of more than 10 tons and the current inventory is about 30 tons. "

  Tian Jichun said that currently, the production capacity of sanitation and anti-epidemic materials and anti-killing supplies in Jilin City is gradually increasing, and the output quality is stable.

  In addition, Jilin Province will also make every effort to protect the demand for epidemic prevention materials in Jilin City and Shulan City.

  Tian Jichun introduced that on May 10, the Jilin Provincial Material Security Group allocated 5,000 N95 masks, 50,000 disposable medical masks, 3,000 pieces of medical protective clothing, 1700 bottles of Gastrodia antibacterial hand sanitizer, and 34800 boxes of Gastrodia antibacterial spray to Shulan City overnight. Agent, 200 temperature measuring guns. On May 12, another 10,000 pieces of isolation clothing were allocated. At present, this batch of anti-epidemic materials has been successively put on the front line.

  Materials donated by Changchun City, Liaoyuan City and enterprises are also constantly arriving. (Finish)