Islamic State claims responsibility for two attacks in Afghanistan

Afghan security forces stand guard outside the hospital under attack in Kabul on May 12, 2020. REUTERS / Mohammad Ismail

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Afghanistan has been facing an upsurge in violence for several weeks, as evidenced by the two attacks that grieved the country on Tuesday, leaving nearly 40 dead and dozens injured.


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With our correspondent in Kabul, Sonia Ghezali

Two deadly attacks were carried out on Tuesday in Afghanistan: one by three heavily armed men against a hospital in the west of Kabul left 15 dead (all of them women in the maternity unit supported by MSF) and 16 wounded; the other led by a suicide bomber who detonated his charge during the funeral of a local police commander in the east of the country, killing 24 people and injuring 68 others.

Loss of influence

The last attack claimed by the Islamic State group in Afghanistan until Tuesday dates back to March. Twenty-five people were killed in the attack on a Hindu-Sikh temple in the Afghan capital.

On the ground, the terrorist group has nevertheless lost its influence after having suffered several setbacks in its stronghold, the Nangarhar. It is in this eastern province of the country, bordering Pakistan, that the group made its foray in late 2014.

The repeated offensives of the Taliban defending their territory, and of the Afghan security forces, supported by foreign forces, have strongly affected the ranks of the Afghan branch of the IS organization in Afghanistan. However, the latter has not lost its ability to carry out deadly attacks in the country.

Violence on the rise despite peace deal

Tuesday morning's attacks are a reminder that Afghanistan is plunged into a multi-faceted war. The Taliban have not given up fighting despite the signing of an agreement with the Americans on February 29. Since then, violence has increased.

March was a particularly violent month with an average of 50 attacks carried out daily against the Afghan security forces. Insurgents keep up pressure while intra-Afghan negotiations still haven't started

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