China News Service, May 13 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports, on the 13th local time, the European Commission said that when the aviation industry restarts, airlines do not need to vacate the middle seat, but must stipulate that passengers must wear masks to board the plane.

At the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, the Air France check-in counter is unused.

  On the 13th, the European Commission stated that airlines need to limit the risk of infection, which can be achieved with medical-grade air filters, personal protective equipment and restrictive actions. However, the committee's document stated that it is not recommended to increase the physical distance by setting up empty seats.

  According to reports, major airlines are very concerned that measures to slow the spread of the epidemic may damage profitability for a long time after the end of travel restrictions. The European Commission stated that the steps of boarding, landing and claiming luggage should be rearranged to avoid congestion.

  At present, the aviation industry is cooperating with governments of various countries to restart flights under the premise of ensuring safety. The IATA pointed out that a solution must be found so that passengers can fly with confidence and can afford to fly. Both must be considered in the long run.

  The IATA recently released a report to support crew members wearing masks and passengers for face protection. This temporary plan is an important biosecurity and epidemic prevention measure taken by people to resume air travel. At the same time, IATA does not support compulsory social isolation measures where "intermediate seats" are vacant.