After the number of deaths in covid-19 in the county fell slightly last week, the death toll has again turned upwards with another nine dead.

At the same time, the general picture of the pandemic is affected by reports from the Stockholm area about a more stable situation. However, the message from Region Västernorrland is that everyone must continue to take great responsibility to prevent the spread of the new corona virus in Västernorrland.

More dead in the county

In an information leaflet that is being sent out to all households in the days, the infection prevention physician Hans Boman calls for continued responsibility for all, or as he writes; "We have to hold on and hold out".

- The spread of infection is still ongoing throughout our county.

The current figures are 358 confirmed cases and 58 deceased, of which nine this week. 33 are hospitalized, of which 10 are in intensive care.

Everyone in the county is urged to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority. Avoid unnecessary travel, keep away from others outdoors as well as indoors and help protect the elderly.

More information today

Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and coughing and sneezing in your arms. Stay home if you feel ill and stay home two days after you become symptom free.

During Wednesday, Region Västernorrland will hold a press conference on the coronal situation in Västernorrland.