• First case in Wuhan after a month, 14 new positives across China
  • Coronavirus, China admits gaps in the health system
  • Coronavirus. In Brazil, 600 dead in 24 hours. Almost 100 thousand cases of contagion in Iran
  • Coronavirus, journalists stranded at the airport in Turkey


May 13, 2020 The number of coronavirus deaths worldwide has passed the 290,000 mark, according to the Johns Hopkins University count. The exact number of victims is 290,838. The country with the most deaths is the United States with 82,105. Followed by Great Britain (32,692), Italy (30,911), France (26,991) and Spain (26,920). The total number of reported infections is 4,247,709.  

Latin America. 23 thousand dead
New leap forward in Latin America with the coronavirus pandemic. In less than 24 hours, the infections increased by 20,000 units, reaching 400,807, while deaths reached 23,011. This is what emerges from a statistic elaborated by the Ansa for 34 Latin American nations and territories. Brazil leads the rankings with 45% of the infected (177,589) and almost half of the deaths. Peru follows with 72,059 cases. 

Record deaths in Brazil, 881 in 24 hours
There are 881 deaths from covid-19 recorded in the last 24 hours in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Health. This is the highest figure since the start of the pandemic. The total death toll thus rises to 12,3400. The new confirmed infections are 9,258, which bring the total number to 177,589. President Jair Bolsonaro has authorized the reopening of economic activity although many governors have decided to challenge order.

Mexico. 38,324 coronavirus cases, almost 4,000 deaths
In Mexico there are 38,324 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Only 1,997 have been recorded in the last 24 hours. The deaths touch the 4 thousand dead, to be precise 3,926. This according to the latest budget provided by the Ministry of Health. 

Maduro: "Lockdown will be extended for another month"
In Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro has announced that the "lockdown will be extended for another month". There are 423 cases in the country. 10 deaths. 205 healings. 

China. The new cases are 7
7 the new cases of coronavirus registered in China. 6 are 'local', identified in Jilin province, while one is imported. In total there are 82,926. Deaths reached 4,633. On the asymptomatic front, 8 others have been identified. The healed are 78,189 in total. These are the data provided by the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China. 

Turkey. Almost 4 thousand deaths. Hairdressers and shopping centers have reopened
141,000 confirmed cases in Turkey. 3,894 deaths (+53). In the meantime, hairdressers and barbers have reopened after 50 days, which will have to comply with strict hygiene measures and social distancing and the obligation to wear masks. Green light also to the 436 Turkish shopping centers, closed from March 20, where bars and restaurants will remain closed for the moment. Full operation is expected to return from June 1. Various production sectors also start, including many large auto factories.