The collaboration between Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel will end after the 2020 season. The Italian team confirmed on Tuesday that the four-time F1 world champion will leave the team.

Ferrari's press release said the solution was reached jointly.

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Vettel, 32, has been driving a Ferrari since 2015. For the last season, he got his young Monaco promise Charles Leclerc as his teammate. While the team-match between veteran Vettel and 22-year-old Leclerc also accommodated drama - such as the dramatic crash at last season’s Brazilian GP - Leclerc responded to Tuesday’s news with a message full of respect.

- It has been a great honor to be your teammate. We’ve had some tough moments on the track. Some of them have been good and some have not ended like we both would have liked. However, there has always been mutual respect between us, although from the outside it was not interpreted that way, Leclerc wrote in his social media accounts.

- I've never learned as much as your teammates. Thanks for everything, Seb, Leclerc decided.

Leclerc has a contract with Ferrari until the 2024 season. Immediately after Tuesday's announcement, speculation began about who would fill Vettel's position. At least Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz have already been replaced. There have also been rumors in the past about the move of superstar Lewis Hamilton to the legendary Italian stable.

Mika Salo, who commented on the issue to IS, in turn, aired Antonio Giovinazzi, who is now the second season in Alfa Romeo. Valtteri Bottas's name has also come up in speculation.

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