China News Service, May 12 (Xinhua) According to the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, the current situation of the new US crown pneumonia epidemic is very serious. In order to pass on the care and concern of the ancestor (country of origin) to overseas Chinese, entrusted by the Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, the Consulate General in Chicago successively issued (sent) to the overseas Chinese in the consular area, including disposable masks, protective gloves and other epidemic prevention. "Health Pack" for supplies.

  Consul General Zhao Jian sent a condolence letter to the overseas Chinese in the consular district, stating, "Since the outbreak of the New Crown Epidemic in the Midwest of the United States, the relatives of the motherland (country) have always been concerned about the safety and health of the overseas Chinese. The staff of the Consulate General in Chicago firmly Stand with the overseas Chinese and go all out to provide support and help to fight against the epidemic. "I hope that" the vast majority of overseas Chinese communities and overseas Chinese in the territories will act actively, strengthen their confidence, work together to disperse the "haze", and embrace the bright sun together. ! "

  The epidemic prevention materials raised by the China Overseas Friendship Association traveled across the oceans to Chicago. The Consulate General in Chicago was mobilized urgently and prepared carefully. On May 7, Deputy Consul General Bian Zhichun represented the Consulate General in Chinatown to distribute epidemic prevention materials to major Chicago overseas Chinese groups such as the Greater Chicago Area Overseas Chinese Association, the Science and Technology Institute, the Fujian General Chamber of Commerce, and the US-China Catering Industry Association. The consulate general will also send epidemic prevention materials to other overseas Chinese groups in the consular district through a courier company, and the related overseas Chinese groups will distribute them to the members of the villagers in need, and send the care and warmth of the relatives of the ancestral (national) country to the hearts of overseas Chinese.

  Representatives of the overseas Chinese delegation thanked the ancestral (home) country and consulate general for their care and warmth, and expressed their warmth when they received the "health package" at this difficult time, which added confidence for everyone to overcome the epidemic. The vast numbers of overseas Chinese will unite and help each other, help each other, fight the epidemic tenaciously, serve the community, and make their due contributions to defeating the epidemic.