China News Service, May 12 (Xinhua) According to the Australian report, during the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia in Australia, a large number of international students in Australia suspended classes and lost jobs. Hundreds of local families have come forward to give international students a warm residence.

Many international students face homelessness

  As a result of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, some Australian international students face financial difficulties and homelessness. With the support of the government and educational institution crisis funds, a discounted short-term boarding accommodation project for students has recently been implemented to cope with the difficult times ahead.

  Australia has hundreds of thousands of international students and contributes nearly 40 billion yuan to the economy each year (Australian dollar, the same below). However, many people lost their jobs because of the global economic crisis caused by the new pandemic pneumonia. International students are not part of the support package of the Australian Federal Government's support package, and there is currently little way to go home.

Australian families are willing to lend a helping hand

  Rosemare Gould, a retired teacher, is willing to provide housing services to international boarding students and feels it is her responsibility to help them now. She said: "I think this is natural and we have to do this. Community spirit allows us to lend a helping hand."

  She has two vacancies at her home in Stafford, a suburb of Brisbane. "We need to do this, we don't ask for it in return," she said.

  Gould signed a contract with the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to accept students in need. Gould said, "They are part of our community and have settled in our community. Some people have stayed here for 3 or 4 years."

  Sarahjane Robertson, a former lawyer and police officer, served as host host for the first time, providing housing in Murrarrie, a suburb of Brisbane. "The parents of the international students are overseas, they can't do anything. I have two rooms, why not (help the international students)?" Robertson said, "The government can only do so much. If there are deficiencies, society has a chance Stand up and help. This reflects 'we are together'. "

  She is not worried about not making money. "It depends on why you do it. Making extra money is good, but these people are in a desperate situation, so money is not the real purpose," she said.

The boarding project is expected to expand further

  With good intentions and good news, according to the arrangement of the Australian host family network, the host students will receive AUD 120 per week, paid by the crisis fund.

  David Bycroft, founder and director of the Australian homestay network, said: "We are only doing the first distribution now, but it is expected to expand to thousands in the coming months and will spread throughout Australia."

  The Australian homestay network currently only considers students facing difficulties introduced by the government or its educational institutions. The company receives a management fee of about 40 yuan per week as a placement fee, insurance fee, and 24-hour student support fee.