The Israeli occupation forces announced the killing of one of its soldiers, yesterday, as a result of a stone being thrown at him from a roof in the village of "Ya`bad" near Jenin, during the withdrawal of his Special Forces unit after the arrest of four Palestinians. The occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests in the West Bank that affected 33 Palestinian citizens Among them, 18 worshiped.

This incident came after a period of relative calm in the West Bank after the Palestinians and the Israelis restricted the movement due to the emerging “Corona” virus crisis, but tension began to emerge again, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his new coalition government are sworn in tomorrow, and includes the government's agenda The possibility of declaring sovereignty over the Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank, which means annexing these lands to Israel.

The occupation army said that the soldier (21 years old) was wounded in the head, and it was alleged that the four who were arrested in Ya`bad had previously thrown stones at Israeli cars on a nearby road, and committed other security violations. The Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests against 33 citizens from the West Bank, including 18 Palestinian citizens from the town of Yabad, southwest of Jenin. The Palestinian Prisoner Club held the occupation authorities fully responsible for the fate of the detainees, especially with the continued spread of the “Corona” epidemic, considering that what happened in Ya`bad town is part of the collective punishment policy that continues to be implemented against citizens.

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